Marina Santelena



The dream comes true: a new plan to make Venice feel like your own home.
Facilities, exclusivity and prestige all together in a convenient location so you're right in the centre of things.



A dream marina in Venice. The harbour and land-based buildings will go up in the area around the Celli shipyards. Celli himself was a renowned motorboat builder, who worked between the early years of the twentieth century and the sixties. The new owners intend to continue in this way by also building extremely prestigious motorboats. Sant’Elena is therefore reviving a great tradition, involving all its guests as well.

Whether on a boat or just moored, you will enjoy a view unparalleled in the world.

Built to provide shelter from the Bora and Tramontana winds, the marina enjoys calm waters even when the Sirocco blows. And finally, total protection from the wake produced by motorboats cannot fail to be appreciated. All this, at only a short distance from the Serenissima Republic's former naval arsenal, still perfectly preserved: a place that has marked the history of Venice..

Sant'Elena: beauty, history, elegance. An extraordinary holiday in the very element that makes Venice unique all over the world: its lagoon. The moorings stretch out as far as the eye can see, seeking the outlines of the islands, colours, human stories. Take to the sea from tranquil berthings, heading for ports unknown. Or, just enjoy it all whenever you feel like a weekend in the midst of the lagoon's splendid islands.

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